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Wedding Service

INR$ 20,000 rent/day
Deposit: INR$ 20,000

Every bride dreams of her wedding day turning out just the way she always pictured it. With so many VISHAL TENT to choose from, deciding on a location can be a tremendous task. At SMS Catering Service, you don’t have to take a chance as our banquet hall has played host to a countless number of successful weddings. We can also make your day a special one should you choose another venue. Our catering service can come to your location and provide the linens, china, food and decor you need to make your special day just right. We can even cater wedding rehearsal dinners at our location or the location of your choosing. Our VISHAL TENTcan be made to your exact specification with many selections to choose delicious types of cuisine. Our success has enabled us to build a lasting relationship as one of the top VISHAL TENT We can provide indoor or outdoor weddings with beautiful facilities that can also make for some excellent photography. Wedding plans are made easy with the help of SMS Catering’s event planners and we can even set up a brunch the day after your wedding. Nothing is out of reach when you choose VISHAL TENT leader in wedding catering.

Contact Information
Contact person: Kaushal
Phone no.: +91-9958374998
E-Mail: kaushal@gmail.com
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