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Mom&Me-Alton Infant Cot Green Rental
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Mom&Me-Alton Infant Cot Green Rental

INR$ 2,700 rent/month

Mom&Me Alton infant cot  on rental was not so convenient ever before. The cot comes with three-position height adjustable mattress, allowing easy access as your child grows. We offer a premium fitted Mattress with Premium Fitted Mosquito Net as a part of rental. We also install the cot for you. It was never so easy to have a crib for your baby!


Three-position height adjustable mattress - Allows easy access to your child as they grow

Available in 1 colour:  Green

Made from quality New Zealand Pine wood

We provide the mattress and a mosquito net specifically designed for Cribs.

If you plan to use your own mattress, the recommended size is 120 x 60 cm.

Please talk to us if you plan to use your own mattress and mosquito net, as the rates specified includes the rental for mattress and mosquito net.


Colour: Green

For age group: New born to 3 years

·         Material: Made from quality New Zealand Pine wood

Target gender Unisex
Maximum Weight Recommendation 18 Kilograms
Item Weight 12 Kg
Product Dimensions 126 x 71 x 15 cm


Equipment Care

Once you subscribe to a package, you have good 1 day to un-subscribe in case you change your mind.

It will be in good interest if you return the contents of the package in the same good condition as you receive it

Sharing is good but not when it comes to items rented from us. Passing of The Gbabe items is not encouraged

We understand you would not appreciate stained and bad-conditioned items for your baby. Same is with us; we would love it if you could renovate the items you have on rent before returning, if they happen to go bad while with you.

Every transaction is independent; no settlements will be encouraged regarding rental fee and product damage fines.


Contact Information
Contact person: The Gbabe
Phone no.: 917276000626
E-Mail: thegbabe@gmail.com
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