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Mini Bus Rental Service
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Mini Bus Rental Service

INR$ 16,000 rent/day

Soham Holidays is one of the country's largest and most successful travel agencies. And by being different than the rest, Soham Holidays has started a revolution in the travel industry. With the special approach, Soham Holidays redirects the money that old-fashioned agencies normally spend on advertising and branch offices. By using new methods and advanced technology, We can offer the lowest fares and highest standard of service in travel today. 
Soham Holidays only think about how to satisfy you, no matter how long it takes, or how low they get your fare. We are specialist in a particular type of travel (like cruises, international air, etc.). So we have the knowledge and experience to give you great advice. 

Contact Information
Contact person: Sudhakar Babar
Phone no.: +91-08048028113
E-Mail: info@sudhakarbabar.com
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