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Grason Electric Guitar - Black Diamond
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Grason Electric Guitar - Black Diamond

INR$ 750 rent/day

Pleasantly collaborates with different sorts of established and society musics. 6-String Electric Spanish Guitar (Semi Solid Body). Machine Head Steel and Brass, 6 pcs String Magnetic Steel. 6 Pcs Adjustable Bridge Brass. 1 pc Fret German Silver Pick-up. 2 pcs Hum-kicking Volume Knob. 2 pcs Tone Knob. 2 pcs Switch, 2 pcs Jack Cord, 1 pcs Belt ,1 pc Body and Neck Toon Wood Fret Board Rose Wood Polish Lacquer Knob (End Pin). 2 specs Metal Guard Plate, 1pc Socket.

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Contact person: Juggleit
Phone no.: +91-91080 28147
E-Mail: info@juggleit.in
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