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E Factor Events

INR$ 174,000 rent/day

Call on : +91 20 3267 7111

 "Kindly contact the vendor exact prices. Prices may vary on the given post"

Being the most exclusive wedding planner in Pune we have managed most elegant weddings and we assure you the reflection of your lifestyle and status. Indian weddings usually conducted on a large scale and there are also many traditions and rituals need to follow, and every couple or their family expect to wedding should go off smoothly. We are here to make the day memorable for you and your guests and at E Factor you’ll find many themes and entertaining acts such as Paradi Songs, Bubble Dancers, Fir e Acts, UV Acts, Bands, Singers, Celebrities and list goes on for performers to make your wedding magnificent that will truly captivate your guests. We have numerous ideas to make your wedding big, exclusive and different from others.

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Contact person: Big Indian Wedding
Phone no.: 9211822195
WhatsApp: WhatsApp
E-Mail: cs@bigindianwedding.com
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