Dental Implants
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Dental Implants

INR$ 20,000 rent/hour
Deposit: INR$ 20,000

f missing teeth are causing you to miss out on culinary indulgences and lowering your self-esteem, a dental implant is the answer to your pain and sorrow. At Monarch Dental Clinic, Dr. Mihir Patel, our implantologist, can fill the gap in your life (and your teeth) by replacing them with high-quality dental implants, backed by cutting-edge technology and the extensive experience of our dentists.

Over the last few years, dental implants have been very successful in changing the face of dentistry. Our dentists will analyze your unique requirements, and accordingly recommend the right implants. These high-quality implants are made of titanium, one of the most biocompatible materials available today.

You may be advised a dental implant in the following scenarios, if all the prerequisites are met:



  • When you’re missing single or multiple teeth
  • To remove and replace damaged teeth
  • If the bridge between healthy teeth needs additional support
  • When all the teeth from the upper or lower jaw are missing

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