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Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU) already known as Rohtak University was set up in 1976. The University got the acknowledgment from University Grants Commission-the advanced education administrative assortment of India-for focal Govt. Allows in Feb. 1983. It is situated in Rohtak (Haryana) and is in effectively reachable separation from both National Capital (Delhi) and State Capital (Chandigarh). About 580 establishments/schools are partnered to Maharishi Dayanand University. The University offers an extensive variety of courses in Management, Information Technology, Medical, Engineering, Education and so on. B.Ed from MDU is additionally an extremely popular and requesting course all through Haryana and India. 

Seeking after B.Ed from MDU is a pleased inclination for the understudies as such a significant number of famous resources has been passed out from here. The grounds of University is huge and has numerous showing pieces, lodging, libraries, theaters with present day gadgetry and luxuries. Aside from this there are numerous offices like, banks, exercise room, swimming pool, wellbeing focus, containers, shopping complex and so forth. Additionally it has almost 520 private units for its resources and in addition non-educating staff. In 1988 the college additionally settled its Correspondence Cell and with the progression of time it likewise redesigned the Correspondence Cell to Directorate. Presently it is giving advanced education to a lot of individuals who are either living in remote and provincial regions or are grown-ups, housewives and working individuals.

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