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Xbox One Kinect
INR$ 60 Per day
Xbox 360 Kinect
INR$ 30 Per day
PS4 Camera
INR$ 60 Per day
Need For Speed Rivals And Battlefield Hardline (Ps4) For Rent
INR$ 700 Per week
Video Game For Rent
INR$ 999 Per month
Microsoft Xbox 360 Console with Kinect
INR$ 900 Per day
Sony Playstation 2 For Rent
INR$ 400 Per month
Xbox One For Rent
INR$ 2,000 Per week
Xbox One Controller
INR$ 60 Per day
Microsoft Xbox One
INR$ 750 Per day
Sony PS3 Controller
INR$ 20 Per day
Ps3 For Rent
INR$ 1,699 Per month
Sony Play Station 4 For Rent
INR$ 2,300 Per week
Sony PS4 - Multiplayer
INR$ 800 Per day
Sony PS4
INR$ 600 Per day
Sony PS3 - Multiplayer
INR$ 500 Per day
Microsoft Xbox 360 (Multiplayer)
INR$ 850 Per day
Sony Ps4 With 2 Controllers For Rent
INR$ 500 Per day
Sony PS4 Controller
INR$ 50 Per day
INR$ 900 Per month