| | | 1 bhk flat on rent in delhi
1 bhk flat on rent in delhi
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1 bhk flat on rent in delhi

INR$ 9,500 rent/month

The idea to develop an extensive online portal with exhaustive listin

gs emerged out of scouring the internet for a portal that offers end-to-end realty solutions for a client. The problems that the founders faced during their exhausting online searches have only spurred us on to develop a service that covers all the bases. Zricks came about to cater to the needs and requirements of all stakeholders with intensive investment into market research. Essentially a marketplace, Zricks acts as a platform for meeting and transacting between various stakeholders. Simultaneously our services are directed towards minimizing the amount of effort it takes to find a dream home or the perfect office space and make the most profitable investment.

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Contact person: maharaj shing
Phone no.: +91-98101 09862
E-Mail: saiproperty@gmail.com
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